Welcome to BookMandee, where every book finds a new chapter in its story. Our platform is dedicated to transforming the way old books are valued, traded, and cherished in India, ensuring they find new homes and eager readers instead of being discarded as scrap. We are building BookMandee to become the most trusted online second hand bookstore. Our vision is twofold:
  • To empower book-owners to unlock the true worth of their pre-loved books, and
  • To offer buyers access to a diverse selection of books at prices that won’t break the bank

BookMandee’s Mission:

To revolutionize the book exchange experience in India and create a win-win scenario where sellers/book owners receive fair compensation for their cherished volumes while interested buyers enjoy the thrill of discovering old books at unbeatable prices.

We aim to reshape the narrative around old books in India, elevating them from mere objects to cherished artifacts. Driven by a commitment to sustainability and the preservation of books, we provide a platform for book-owners to showcase their book collections and connect with those who need the same books. This way, we’re not just facilitating transactions but preserving the legacy of books and ensuring that every book finds its rightful place in the hands of someone who will treasure it.

At BookMandee, we believe in the power of books to inspire, enrich, and transform lives. Join us on this journey to give old books new life, to celebrate their timeless magic, and to create a world where more books reach the right hands at the right time than those sold as scrap.

Our Story:

In the bustling Indian streets, amidst the noisy chaos of everyday life, BookMandee was born from a simple yet powerful idea:

“Books shouldn’t end up as scrap, but find their way to people hungry for knowledge.”

A Visionary Beginning:

In the heart of an Indian city, where traffic jams and busy crowds are the norm, BookMandee founders had a big idea. They saw how so many books were being thrown away, sold as weight in scrap yards. They believed books deserved better treatment.

The Spark of Inspiration:

The idea really hit home when they visited a scrapbuyer’s shop. They saw old books, some worth thousands of rupees, being sold by weight. That’s when they knew something had to change.

Turning Ideas into Action:

With that inspiration, they got to work. They wanted to create a place where books could find new homes, and where everyone could enjoy the pleasure of reading/learning, no matter how much money they had.

The Birth of BookMandee:

And so, BookMandee came to life—an online used bookstore where book lovers could unite. Starting small, it aims to grow into a busy marketplace, filled with books waiting to be discovered.

A Commitment to Change:

At the heart of BookMandee’s journey is a promise to change how people see and treat books. It’s not just about buying and selling but spreading knowledge and joy.

Imagining a Better Future:

As BookMandee grows, it holds on to the dream of a world where every book gets the chance to change someone’s life. With every new reader who joins us and every book that gets listed here, that dream gets a little closer to reality.

Our Values:

At BookMandee, our values shape everything we do. They’re like our guiding stars, leading us forward and keeping us on track.

User Satisfaction Comes First:

Our top priority is making sure our platform users – those who want to sell their old books and those who want to buy old books, are happy. Whether you’re buying or selling, we want your experience with BookMandee to be smooth and satisfying.

Transparency Every Step of the Way:

We believe in being upfront and honest in all our dealings. From pricing to policies, we’ll always keep you in the loop.

Integrity Is Non-Negotiable:

We do things the right way, even when no one’s watching. Integrity is at the core of who we are, and we’ll never compromise on it.

Supporting Our Community:

We’re more than just an online used bookstore —we’re a community. That’s why we’re committed to giving back and supporting causes that matter to our users.

Caring for the Environment:

We know that every little bit counts when it comes to protecting our planet. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to reduce waste and minimize our environmental footprint.

Empowering Through Education:

We believe in the transformative power of education. That’s why we’re passionate about making books accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Together, these values drive us forward, guiding our decisions and shaping the way we do business. With BookMandee, you can trust that you’re not just buying or selling books—you’re joining a community built on integrity, transparency, and a shared love of reading.


BookMandee is an online second hand bookstore where you can buy and sell books. Sellers/book-owners can list their books for sale at a price they decide in more than 25 categories, and buyers can browse through the listings to find what they’re looking for. Once a buyer finds a book he/she needs, they can contact each other via an integral chat inside their user accounts and talk about the price negotiation if possible, location of the seller, place and time to exchange books, etc.

At BookMandee, our role in the user journey concludes once a buyer connects with a seller. While we facilitate this initial connection through our platform, we do not bear responsibility for the subsequent communication or interaction between the two parties. Once contact is established, it is up to the buyer and seller to communicate directly regarding any further details or arrangements regarding the transaction. We encourage open and transparent communication to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience for both parties involved. Click here to know more about How BookMandee works.

To sell old books on BookMandee, simply create an account and then post a book-ad. Follow the prompts to list your books. Be sure to include accurate descriptions, including the right price to attract buyers. Once your book-ad is approved by our team, it will start to appear on the BookMandee platform.

As a seller, you can set the price at which you want to sell your book(s). You can take into account the book’s condition, rarity, and market demand when setting their prices. BookMandee does not control or influence pricing.

Yes, BookMandee takes the safety and security of our users seriously. We have measures in place to protect buyers, including a review system for sellers. However, as with any online marketplace, we encourage buyers to exercise caution and connect with sellers carefully before making a purchase.

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact our customer support team through our Contact Us page or by emailing – official.bookmandee@gmail.com. We’re here to help and will do our best to assist you promptly.