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About BookMandee

BookMandee is aimed to revolutionize the way Indians think about used, old and second hand books. You can easily search for your favorite books in different book categories, buy and sell used books online.

Giving the right value to your used books, way higher than what a scrap buyer would offer has never been as easier as with us.

Steps to Buy Used, Second Hand Books Online

  • Search for available used books by selecting your location, book category, its sub-category and click ‘Search’ to find the list of old, second hand books.

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  • Click on the relevant book ad you find and see if you can meet the book owner at the given preferred location.
  • Register or Log-in at BookMandee to find the contact details of the used book owner and connect with him over a phone call or through an e-mail.

Register or Log-in at BookMandee

  • Meet the used book owner to buy the book/books.

Steps to Sell Your Used, Old Books Online

  • Create a free book ad by giving your personal details and that of your used book you want to sell.

Create a Book Ad at BookMandee

  • Set the right price you want to sell your used book at.
  • Add at least two images/photographs of your old books in the book-ad.
  • Submit your book ad for approval by BookMandee Admin.
  • Once approved, your used book will be available for sale online at BookMandee to those who are looking for it.
  • P.S. - Let us and others know you posted a Book-ad at BookMandee through a Facebook post (tag @BookMandee) and win a chance to be featured on BookMandee's blog.

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Be a Part of India’s Unique Bookstore of Old Books That Exists for You and Because of You

Every used book is valuable, even if it has aged. We are aimed to help you give the right value of used, old books the right way. With our growing network of buyers and sellers of used books, we aim to become the largest used book store in India.

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Available to be used by each and every Indian, we help you give the right value to your used, old books.

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