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What to Do with Old Children's Books

To parents in India, it feels blissful when they see their child growing and learning with time. Most of them want to capture the moment when they first sent their children to school. They buy books, school bags, uniforms etc. just to ensure that their children feel good being a student. But as time passes, one common trouble they feel is to think about the old children’s books that they have accumulated over the years.

As a common mindset amongst people in India, the first thought that comes to mind is of calling a scrap-buyer to take away the books in lieu of a small amount of money. For most of them, getting some cash is less important than the feeling that they have the old books off the bookshelves in their homes.

But if you are booklover and are facing similar situation, you may have thought if there could be any other way out than just selling old children’s books in scrap.

To your surprise, yes there are. In fact, there are many ways you can follow to deal with the old books in your home. Everyone can follow them. It is just that we do not give them a thought.

No matter how older the children’s books you have are, here is what you can do with them –

1. Give Them to a Free Library

If you have a library in your city where people often visit with their little kids to look for books, your old books can turn out to be useful there. Especially people who cannot afford to buy expensive books for their children get helped with these libraries. Giving your old books to such libraries is simply a great deed you can do for children in need.

So, search for one such library near you. In case you can’t find one, look down for the other options detailed here.

2. Donate Them to Small Schools in Villages

Next to almost every urban or semi-urban Indian city lies a row of villages which are easily accessible. Most of the schools in these villages lack the required support they need to help poor children get the basic education. By donating the old children’s books that you do not need anymore to these schools, you can help those children in building their better future.

3. Contribute to an NGO

There are so many NGOs in India which are working on the cause of providing education to the needy children. If you think the value, the information in your old books should be well-taken care of, give them to such an NGO. This way, they can be used in educational programs supported by these organizations.

4. Give Them to Your Relatives with Younger Kids

For their children, your relatives or friends residing in the same city you live in must be looking for children’s books. You may not know where else you can donate the books. But it is fair to assume that you know which relative or friends of yours are having kids who can get helped with the old books you have. There is nothing wrong in sharing the books this way, without thinking what people will say.

5. Sell or Donate Them Online

These days, it is possible for you to sell or donate old children’s books online . You can even decide the rate at which you want to sell them up. The interested buyer can then contact you and come to you to buy your old books. It is that simple.

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