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Guide to Find and Buy Old Books in India

Whether you are a school-going kid, a college student or just an avid book-lover, you would agree to the fact that buying the best quality books is an expensive affair.

You just cannot expect to buy great books in way-above-the-great condition without paying a good price for them.

But is it the only truth you have to believe in? What about old books that are available on sale at different places?

If you want to save money while finding and buying books of your choice, this special guide is curated just for you and people like you.

If you have built the habit of buying books of several different types, just do this one thing – note down the price you paid to buy them and compare it with how well you have used them.

You will most probably get to realize some wisdom with that.

On average, the cost of schoolbooks in a specific standard in India, ranging from 1st to 12th costs around INR 2000 to INR 10,000.

Check and see if your regular spending also falls into this bracket.

Through a combination of good choices and tricks, it is possible to cut down the expense of books you pay for.

One simple idea to keep in mind and start with – Look for old books preferably.

In this guide, you will get to know how to find and buy old books of almost all types and genres to fulfill your needs and likes too.

Where to Look for and Buy Old Books in India

The first thought that comes to mind as an answer to this question may include some bookseller nearby or an old-books market in the Indian city you live in.

But think logically now.

It is not easy to find a bookseller who sells old books, specifically the ones you need at a fair price. Neither all Indian cities have old-book markets somewhere within their geographical boundaries.

But don’t worry.

Here are three things you can do to find and buy old books in India –

1. Search and Visit Local Public Libraries

The worst thing – not many people visit public libraries these days.

The best thing – these libraries still have abundant books saved in them to help those who are willing to learn.

If you think right, you will find there is nothing wrong with visiting these libraries to read and learn. You will get to experience how people in the past time learn and become better in their lives when there was no Internet and no smart-phones.

Most probably, you will get to find something very useful based on your interests.

It will surely be a great experience for you to do that.

2. Ask Your Peers If They Have the Books You Need

Your school friends, your college-mates or colleagues etc., they may have the books you are eagerly looking for.

They will never get to know you are looking for some specific books unless you ask them and bring it into their notice.

So, be open to your peers when it is about getting help in terms of old books.

Almost every individual has some kind of old books kept saved in his home for one reason or other. People do not want to sell these books in the scrap at penny rates.

But keeping them saved somewhere without ever looking back at them does not good to them either.

By sharing the old books that your peers have, you can give those old books a new life again.

3. Find and Buy Old Books Online

If you love the advancements getting made in the field of technology, you will also love the idea that used, old books can be bought online. On certain popular online platforms in India, it is possible to look for and buy old books online .

You may even get to find someone within your city selling his old books online. Contacting the seller directly is very easy using these platforms.

You can then get to meet him, negotiate with him on the price he is asking for the old books and seal the deal.

The Best Way to Find Old Books in Indian Cities

As detailed above, there are several different ways to be followed. But the decision is totally yours. You may find one of these ways more suitable to you than the other.

In any case, just make sure that when you get helped in finding and buying old books, you will tell others why they should do the same.

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