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how to sell old medical books online

Are you a doctor, nurse, surgeon or someone in the healthcare profession? You might have finished reading the medical books you had once bought, while pursuing your course. Even though it is a well-known fact that doctors do need to study for one thing or the other all their lives, still there are some books that they just do not need after reading them once.

So, one question most of such people have in their minds is about what they should do with their medical books or those related to healthcare industry. Clearly, these books must have been bought at a high price. So, no one thinks of selling them in scrap. Neither it is easier for anyone in India to find a bookseller who can accept such books back, and that too, at a good rate.

The Best Way to Sell Used, Old Medical Books

One way people can follow is to start selling old medical books online at BookMandee, which is easier and unique too.

This unique online platform has been designed to change the way Indians buy and sell used, old books, and earn good money in return. It is much better to sell old books to someone who is studying in the same medical field just as you once did, rather than just saving your old books forever in some cupboard.

Your expensive medical books can be sold at a good rate. Simple and hassle-free, the process of selling old medical books online at BookMandee is.

To sell your old medical books that you do not read or need anymore, all you need to do is to follow the simple steps given below:

1. Create a book-ad, by just detailing the condition of your old medical book for it. It is better to add at least two images of your old book.

2. Set the price you want to sell your old book at.

3. Submit the book-ad for approval.

4. Once the book-ad will get approved, you will be notified through a mail. This also means that your old book is available for sale within the city you live in.

Our objective is to give more value and more life to the old books, and to prevent them from getting sold in scrap.

Also, if you like the idea of selling your old books online, do share a word about BookMandee and make more and more people sell their old books online with us.

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