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How to Prepare for GATE 2019 - Exam Preparation Tips

In the minds of most of the GATE aspirants, one common question is about how to prepare for GATE exam so as to succeed in it. People have different perceptions about this question, according to which they frame their answers. GATE 2019 will be held in February, and its application process has already been over. Since the syllabus of GATE exam covers the vast syllabus of the undergraduate course, it is nearly obvious to think of the preparations to be hard enough. With the help of a GATE exam preparation plan that each one can make by himself, one can do his best to crack the exam.

GATE is not just an entrance exam for higher education in engineering field, but also a way to get employed in government sector. So, if you want to appear in GATE exam in 2019, here are five tips you should keep in mind:

1. Start Your Preparation Plan Early

The first important step to be taken on your GATE 2019 preparation journey is to start the preparation early. You should have enough time to prepare for the exam as per its syllabus. Then make a dedicated study plan to be followed, which will has its impact on your success in passing the exam. Make sure you do not waste time at all.

2. Prepare For The Topics as Per the GATE Syllabus and Exam Pattern

It is best not to waste time, but prepare for the exam as per the syllabus of the GATE paper. You can easily find detailed topic-wise syllabus for GATE 2019 online. Segregate the topics into easy or difficult ones, and add them in your study plan.

Similarly, knowing the exam pattern of GATE will help you a lot while you prepare for it. The paper consists of MCQs as well as numerical questions, which are 65 in total. It is generally hard to complete the exam on time. But with strong preparation, it is not impossible to crack the GATE exam.

Also, you should practice question papers of previous years to get an idea of how the exam paper will be structured.

3. Consider Weightage of Different Topics During Exam Preparation

Know the weightage of different sections or topics in the GATE 2019 exam. This will tell you which sections or topics are more important than others. You may feel it to be confusing in the start. But you will find it to be beneficial to crack the exam.

4. Choose the Right Books to Prepare for GATE exam

While you may find a good number of GATE exam preparation books to prepare from, choosing the right, the best one is important. Ask your friends, seniors about the books they had referred to prepare well for the exam.

Along with the new books, you can even find used, old books for GATE exam preparation online. A lot of people who have these books, but do not need them anymore make them available for sale online.

5. Grow Your Conceptual and Quantitative Knowledge

You should make it a practice to grow your conceptual knowledge, while also work upon improving your skills for quantitative calculations. Both these aspects will help you in situations when you do not know the answer of some questions, while also make you solve the question in the quickest time.

Bonus Tip:

Preparing well for the GATE exam is important. But it is equally important to revise what you learn about. Revision should be made a significant part of your GATE study plan.

GATE Exam Preparation Tips at a Glance:

1. Start preparing for the exam earlier in time.

2. Know well about the topics and exam pattern of GATE.

3. Know weightage of different subjects covered in the exam.

4. But the best books for GATE exam preparation only.

5. Do revise what you learn about.

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