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BookMandee for Booksellers

‘Bookshelves filled with old books that are not highly used’ – are you the only one who can connect to that thought and remembers the old books you have? Not really!

It is true in almost every home in India where books are considered VALUABLE, you can find stacks or cartons of old books kept saved. Similarly, it is easy to find bookshelves filled with old books that are rarely opened for use. But other than individuals, the situation is nearly same for almost all small and booksellers in India.

How? Think of it this way –

A bookseller orders a lot of books to be sold. As per popularity, books get sold and they run their business. But in between all this, there are still certain books that are left unsold in bookstores, especially those which cannot be returned to where they were bought from.

The end result – Those books grow old in the bookstores and become a part of stacks or bundles of unused, old books.

If you see it in terms of the idea backed by BookMandee, you will find that even booksellers are a valid candidate to carry out book-exchange through this unique platform. The only exception is that unlike individual who sell old books online, the booksellers will do/can do as a part of their business.

BookMandee for Booksellers

If you are a bookseller in any Indian city and want to sell the old, used books you have online, BookMandee welcomes you with open arms to become a user.

Here’s how you can get helped in putting the old books you have into use online –

Steps to be Followed by Booksellers to Sell Old Books Online

1. Create a user account here with us. To do that, click here .

2. Enter your active email address, username and select role as a ‘Book Seller’.

3. Once your account gets created, create a book-ad just like others. You can read more about how to do that here – How BookMandee works.

4. Unlike other users, you need to keep in mind is that you also mention the actual name of ‘Your Bookstore’ (like City Book Center, Saraswati Pustak Bhandar, etc.) in the book-ad description, and its address in the preferred meet location.

5. Make sure you add at least two to three real images of the books you have, Click them in your phone and upload.

6. After doing all this, submit your book-ad. We will review your book-ad and approve it if it matches our criteria.

7. Along with this, we are also working on creating a list of booksellers/bookstores which uses BookMandee platform. So, after you have followed these steps to post a book-ad, send us an email at - to just tell us that you want to be included in that list. Give details of your bookstore, like its name, its address, nearby location, etc. in the mail.

Note: We do not generally approve book-ads with unreal images. So, please make sure to use only the real images of your old books.

Disclaimer: BookMandee team just provides this platform for people to connect with each other and exchange books, either paid or non-paid. We do not get involved in any transaction that happens between interested buyers of old books and those who sell them. So, please be careful and use your own discretion while doing the transaction offline.

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