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BookMandee on The Delhi Metro

‘Need old books? Read old books or Else, Pass Them On!’ – This is how you can summarize the newly launched initiative from BookMandee, India’s online store of old books.

Once launched with the idea of caring for the old books the right way, BookMandee is now spreading its wings in other possible ways. This time, it has come up with the initiative to make the old books reach the interested readers through the Delhi Metro.

With the aim to make every Indian value their books the right way, Taranpreet Singh had launched BookMandee in the recent past. Since that time, people from all over India has shown their interest in making their old books available for sale through this unique online platform.

More about BookMandee on The Delhi Metro

As a part of this initiative, BookMandee’s team members will start to leave old, used books inside the Delhi Metro for others to find and read first, and then pass the books again in the Metro.

Old (or even new sometimes) books of diverse categories or genres will be shared with love to the commuters of Delhi Metro. On finding these books, people can keep them for reading, share with some needy or else pass within the Metro again sooner or later.

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Let the BookMandee’s team members know you have found a book by sharing a word about your finding on Facebook, and tagging BookMandee (@BookMandee) in it.

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