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Book- Ad In India for Old Books

Ask any layman about the term ‘book ad’ and you will most likely to get an answer like this –

“It is about booking ads for advertisements to promote business.”

Indeed, it is true, but only literally.

In India, we are free to use the power of words to do something good for the society. The same has been done around the term ‘book ad’ too.

&Back in the days, there is no other way to sell old books than calling for a scrap-buyer for the same. Those who love their books continue to keep them saved in their homes because they do not want to sell the books in scrap. There was no other way to put the old books into use until it became easier to sell old books online at BookMandee.

The founder of this unique platform thought of the term ‘book-ad’ to be slightly different from its literal meaning. They want to revolutionize the way Indians take care of their old books and lay a helping hand to each other.

A lot has changed in India since the last year, 2018 when BookMandee was launched for Indians. People now have an alternative solution to buy, sell and even donate old books online.

Let’s dig deeper to know what a book-ad is in terms of old books in India –

What is a Book-Ad?

In India, a book-ad is simply an ad or advertisement that people create and submit at BookMandee portal to make their old books available for sale to others. It contains information about the condition of an old book/books on sale, its price as set by the book-owner himself, the details of the book owner and preferred meet-up location where people can meet to buy or sell old books.

One can create a single book-ad for a collection of old books or for individual books as well.

If you are new to selling old books online, it is important to spend some time thinking about the related process. Here is what you need -

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Next to it, you can start creating book-ads to help your old books reach those who really need them.

Purpose of Creating a Book-Ad

Understand it this way – one can easily find some old books kept saved in some corner of almost every home in India.

Check your home as well and you will agree to it too.

Now the question may arise – why people save old books in their homes in India, be it in cupboards, storerooms or wherever possible?

The possible answers are - they either love their old books a lot, want to read them again, do not want to them in scrap at penny rates, etc.

But there is a bigger possibility that old books get rarely picked up again for reading, be it schoolbooks, fiction, poetry, self-help books or others.

We read books, we love what we found in them and that’s it.

We then leave the books somewhere, letting them eat dirt, become pale or get torn with time.

Above it all lies the purpose of creating a book-ad for old books. It is to make sure that old books get the value they deserve, that they get read again and again until they are no more.

With the help of a book-ad, one can open-up his helpful-side to help others irrespective of caste, creed or religion, and share old books.

For those who want to earn money from their old books, they can set the price they want to sell the books for. Obviously, this is something they would love to do.

Love for Old Books Has Created Love for BookMandee

Since the launch of BookMandee platform in mid-2018 based on a unique, noble idea to share old books in India , Indians have given it considerable love.

They love the idea, love to get helped using this platform and do something really good with the old books. Both the interested buyers and sellers are using it to get helped and lay a helping hand too.

When is The Right Time to Create a Book-Ad?

You have old books that you do not need anymore and you want to sell or donate it to someone in need – that’s what makes you eligible to create book-ad online . You do not need to wait for the right-time.

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