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Best Self-Help Books - Self Improvement Reads

Truly, motivation is an inner feeling, a magic of some kind which can drive people to be the best in their lives. No one can help an individual better than himself in all phases of life.

But if you feel you lack motivation, you can start by reading some of the best self-help, motivational books of all times. These books do not just reflect on the societal trends, but on individual lives as well.

Just like feeling inspired is natural, feeling demotivated is natural either. People feel affected because of circumstances or phases in life.

The best part – there are some truly inspirational self-help books that can really help people in their hard times.

Here are ten of the most known self-help books of all time –

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Authored by Stephen R. Covey, this is one of the most deep-rooted self-help books you can get to read in your life. It is more like a guide for people to develop the habits of successful living.

Clearly, there is no shortcuts to success, and this book preaches that idea very well. Not just that, one can learn how to apply these ‘7 habits’ in a simple way as described in this book.

2. The Power of Now

Written by Eckhart Tolle, this impressively written book is no less than a spiritual guide to transform your life. Furthermore, one can think of changing the world as well with that power.

Every individual has the ability to change the world if he can change himself. You can get to learn a lot about this aspect of life through this book.

3. How to Win Friends and Influence People

This one is indeed, one of the best self-help books written by Dale Carnegie. It is really the best one to be read by those who want to learn how to work and communicate with people.

Good communication is something everyone can master at with the help of certain tactics. If you feel doubtful about this fact, start reading this book.

4. Think and Grow Rich

One of the old school classics, this book written by Napolean Hill is a collection of principles that one can use to start dreaming practically. The author studied the life of the most successful people of his time while writing this book and included all his findings in this book to inspire the readers.

If you feel clueless about what you are here for, what you live for, read this book to find, follow and achieve a dream of your choice.

5. What to Say When You Talk to Your Self

Not everyone thinks good about himself. That is why people do not feel good about their lives.

You may not find this book listed in the self-help book’s lists. But it deserves to be there. It has the power to help people how to master the inner self-talk, which does control their lives to a good extent.

This book is especially for those who feel their self-talk holds them back.

Wrapping it Up

You may be reading this blog because you want to change your life to a better form. Don’t wait more, Start now and have one or all of these books next to you to begin your journey of self-transformation.

If you feel you cannot afford these books, there is an alternative for you – search for and buy old self-help books online to become better with time.

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