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About BookMandee

As a one-of-its-kind used books store trusted by Indians, BookMandee is aimed to simplify the process of buying and selling used, old books.

Our Motto

To Keep the Heart of All Used, Old Books Pumping

Are You Taking Care of your Used, Old Books the Right Way?

Most of the book-lovers love making collection of used, old books. Students, working professionals or the elderly, all those who value the knowledge in books they own in the right way never think of calling a scrap buyer to take their used books at penny rates. No matter if they spend just five minutes, an hour or more time daily, reading different books they own, they want to keep their used, old books like forever.

Used, old books have VALUE in them, which never ages.

BookMandee aims to make Indians value their used, old and second hand books the right way by selling them only to those who can VALUE them equally. This way, the class of interested book-buyers who do not have enough money to buy new books can search, find and buy used, old books as well as the book-owner in their area or city in India.

We aim to help Indians know and learn the fact by heart that the VALUE in Used Books Never Dies, Nor Ages.

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How We Founded BookMandee – The ‘Aha!’ Moment

Founders - Taranpreet Singh and Anshul Mohan

With the aim to revolutionalize the way Indians buy and sell old books, the founders of BookMandee want to ensure every book-lover in India has a way to give the RIGHT VALUE to his OLD BOOKS. As a result of rigorous brainstorming sessions the founders have gone through, they have built an ‘Extremely Unique and One-of-its-kind’ online platform for the sale and purchase of old books directly between the buyers and sellers.

Founded in 2018, BookMandee is an online platform that allows people to search, find, buy and even sell their used, old books for free, literally of all types and categories. BookMandee uniquely leverage technology to empower Indians with a way to sell their used, old books at the right price they can decide on their own. BookMandee’s range of used book categories varies from children’s rhymes, school textbooks, crafts and lifestyle to career exam preparation, poetry and much else. All of this is done and brought together to ensure that the VALUE in Used, Old Books Will Never Die.



Why You Should Start Using BookMandee?

This unique online platforms wants to help all Indians, to search, find, buy and sell used, old and second books online.

Ready to Give a New Life to Used, Old Books? Three Ways to Do That:

- Sell Your Used, Old Books Here.

- Find & buy used, second hand books at rates you can afford.

How to care for old books

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